Trout Recipe

“Trout a la Dunn”

This recipe was introduced to the highlands by Greg Dunn. (No you don’t sprinkle the fillets with mayflies!)


  1. 1 freshly caught trout (preferably feeding in 30cm of water sipping spinners), filleted 
    with pin bones removed but not skinned

  2. Crushed Black Pepper

  3. Plain Flour

  4. Ghee (or clarified butter)

  5. Almond Slivers


Sprinkle the fillets with crushed black pepper then roll in flour. Melt 3 tablespoons of Ghee in large frying pan (the wood fire cook top provides the ideal heat when burning flat out.

Place the fillets skin side down and fry until golden brown. Most of the cooking should be on the skin so that it crisps keeping the flesh moist.

Being careful no to over cook the fish remove it from the heat and keep it warm. Place another dob of Ghee into the pan and throw a handful of almond slivers in to brown. These cook very quickly and as soon as they change colour drain them and sprinkle over the trout. It is ready for serving.

Ideal accompaniments are tartare sauce and crisp green salad dressed with a balsamic vinegarette. An unwooded Chardonnay (or any other white wine) won’t go astray either.

An unusual feature of this dish is the fact that a gin and tonic (or two) during cooking seem to make a big difference as well.